About AnySoft

Flexibility, Satisfaction, Success.


AnySoft – flexibility, satisfaction, success.

We are a company specialized in development and implementation of ERP and CRM software products, which provide efficient management for your business. Our main features are expressed in the name of the company itself: AnySoft.

Through our continuous efforts we offer flexibility, quality and satisfaction to our clients, while contributing to the success of their business.

Our services and products are based on the extensive experience of a team that knows how to analyze and pinpoint customer needs in order to provide flexible solutions, perfectly molded on the requirements of your business.

Our history began in 1998 as a laboratory for developing ERP solutions for an Italian company. 2003 is the year we specialized on both ERP and CRM software solutions, which was a defining moment for our direction. Afterwards, we developed and implemented several UE financed projects and also an Italian CRM product for the City of Padova (2007).

In 2007 we finalized our first Romania ERP product, developed and implemented for Comunicatii StarNet Media S.R.L. We can say for sure that our product helped the development of this client’s business.

In 2011 we started working with Synergys, an Austrian company for which we provided consulting services and implemented GIS solutions until they retreated from the Romanian market, in 2012. Among Synergys clients for whom we offered services, we can mention the Arges County Council and Arad County Council.

In 2014 we developed a new software product called IN@EX. With it, we propose to reach the needs of full management of our clients’ businesses.

The other product we offer is AnyGest. It covers all the information that flows within a company: procurement, inventory management, stock and material management, etc. Using this product, everything is linked and simultaneously translated into company accounts.

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